Center for General Education


The concept of general education in our school is to cultivate holistic people possessing macro perspective, moral integrity and humanistic concern.

The mission of the Center is to realize the goal of holistic education and to fulfill the founding spirits of the school, which are health, caring, innovation, and excellence. The core curriculum is designed based on the aforementioned spirits and to constantly advance with the times. Further, the Center organizes a wide array of diverse cultural and musical activities in order to create a culturally and artistically rich campus to subtly cultivate future talents with a cross-disciplinary competency and a broad vision. Only through the nurturing of cultural literacy can an all-rounded personality be cultivated.

Training students to acquire
(A) good language skills
(B) physical and mental health
(C) life wisdom
(D) cultural and artistic competencies
(E) lifelong learning

Cultivating international talents needed for the 21st century by holistic education in a cultural and artistic campus.

Administration Staff

Director General  
Name: Shu-Chen Huang (黃淑貞) Professor This is a image
Tel:886-4-2332-3456 Ext:6170 / 1801 Office:I616 /L108
Degree:Ph.D. in Literature, National Kaohsiung Normal University
Research Fields and Interests:Literature and Life / Literary Appreciation
Name: Tsai-Jen Cheng (鄭再仁) Clerk This is a image
Tel:886-4-2332-3456 Ext:6171 Office: L108


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